Boosting self-management for long-term health conditions in South Africa

Patients in South Africa are now using Clinitouch technology to remotely monitor chronic conditions and reduce unnecessary hospital admissions. Read more about the project below.

For people with chronic conditions in South Africa, hospital and clinic visits can be frequent, and therefore expensive.

This highlights a gap in healthcare delivery to manage patients from their own homes, using the Clinitouch remote monitoring platform to help clinicians to treat signs and symptoms at their onset.

This reduces the likelihood of a patient needing more complex care and empowers them to manage their condition in the community, also reducing the number of insurance claims made.

The Problem

Healthcare in South Africa can be both expensive and in high demand, resulting in frequent, but costly visits to clinics and hospitals.

What does this project look like?

There are many components that make up a project, such as identifying the appropriate patient cohort, or making sure that you're monitoring the correct vital signs. Read more below about the foundations of this project.

The Objectives

What this project aims to do

  • Reduce unnecessary hospital admissions for people with long-term conditions
  • Increase access to affordable, high-quality healthcare
  • Help to manage patients safely from their own home

Real scenario of how this project is helping patients

Below is a scenario provided by our partner showcasing how Clinitouch helps to provide preventative care, as well as extending continuous care outside of clinics.

“Female patient aged 67, was identified by a partnered physician at Pretoria East due to her hypertensive status. Patient was not in frequent contact with the physician prior to being loaded onto Clinitouch. 2 months into using Clinitouch, her question sets began flagging orange and red due to low blood pressure, resulting in the physician bringing her into the clinic for an in-person consultation. The patient is now stable on the system.”

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