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Creating seamless data integrations that match clinical needs

Our remote patient monitoring software is FHIR/HL7 compliant, which enables us to integrate with a wide range of EPR systems.
Clinitouch Platform Remote Patient Monitoring
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What’s most important is that we have the technical, operational, and clinical experience to ensure the design of the interoperability project is a success.

Our in-house team of experienced software developers and clinical teams will guide you through a step-by-step process, to create data integrations that exactly match your clinical needs.

Clinitouch is DTAC-compliant, so you can have full confidence we meet the highest standards for clinical safety, data protection, security, usability and accessibility standards.

We recognise that integration is not just about listing systems we can interoperate with - it’s what we do with them that counts.

Building interoperability with a shared care portal

Our team worked with the local health service in Lincolnshire and key partners to build crucial interoperability between systems. It enabled all patient data to go into a single care portal and helped improve care for frail patients.
Chris Barker

“We’re in constant conversation with groups such as the NHS Transformation Directorate to shape how remote monitoring and virtual ward platforms will achieve interoperability with systems across health & social care.

This ensures we’re always at the forefront of interoperability discussions on a national scale. It’s my engineering team’s job, along with our clinical colleagues, to offer advice on the most up-to-date practices that meet the needs of the clinical pathway in question.”

Step-by-step support from our expert team to help set you up for success
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