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Virtual Wards

Award-winning virtual wards tech already in use across multiple regions in the NHS

Straightforward virtual wards tech that helps unlock beds, get patients home quicker, and prevent admission in the first place.
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With acute capacity at a crucial tipping point, no-one should stay in hospital for longer than they need.

As clinicians first and foremost, we know this better than anyone. We've built numerous virtual wards from the ground up over the years, to help speed up early hospital discharge or support admission avoidance by keeping patients at home.

Our Clinitouch tech now powers one of the most pioneering rollouts of virtual wards in the NHS across 16 different pathways - with our healthcare experts helping to co-design the programme alongside NHS colleagues.

Read about our pioneering virtual wards rollout in Leicestershire
Saving when using a 'bed' in the virtual ward vs a bed day in a hospital respiratory ward
Estimated overall savings when using Clinitouch for a virtual ward
Estimated bed days saved when using a virtual ward
Recommendation percentage using the NHS Friends and Family test
Swift, J. et al. (2022)
Swift, J. et al. (2022)
Swift, J. et al. (2022)
Service evaluation for COPD and Heart Failure patients using Clinitouch in Leicestershire (Apr – Nov 2020)
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"An optimisation of medical management. Absolutely, there's no doubt about it"

Leicestershire Partnership NHS Trust has utilised Clinitouch since 2012, but what impact has this had on the NHS? Here, Professor Sudip Ghosh, Consultant Physician and Deputy Medical Director, explores the three main benefits of using remote monitoring to support patient care.

Clinitouch can be used to set up virtual wards quickly and easily across multiple conditions.

Virtual wards offer an alternative to patients who would otherwise need to be in hospital, to get the acute care, monitoring and treatment they need in their own home.

Clinitouch's technology can be used to support early discharge, by enabling clinicians to safely monitor patients' health remotely without the need to be in a hospital bed.

Our simple, clinician-built platform makes it easy to set up and scale virtual wards for any health condition - plus we'll guide you every step of the way when launching your virtual ward pathway for the first time.
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