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The Platform

How our remote patient monitoring platform works

A healthcare company first and foremost, we've purposely built our Clinitouch remote patient monitoring tech to be simple and focused on clinical needs.
Clinitouch Platform Remote Patient Monitoring
Remore Monitoring Platform

Patient App

A safe and user-friendly space, where patients answer predefined questions and submit health metrics, at intervals set by their clinician. We’ve built everything to be accessible and easy to use for every different type of patient.

Patient Remote Monitoring App
Desktop Enabled

Clinician Dashboard

Your go-to hub to give you a quick look at your patients, to quickly assess where and when intervention is needed.

Our smart algorithm converts question sets and health metric data into an easy red, amber or green rating for each of your patients.

This makes it fast and easy to spot deterioration early and take action at the right time, in the right place before hospital admission becomes necessary.
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Clinician Dashboard Clinitouch

Devices and Measurements

Clinitouch can integrate with any measurement device upon request, tailored to your specific use cases.

Our secure functionality enables healthcare teams to conduct assessment of vital signs and clinical observations over time, allowing a holistic view of patient health and bridging some of the gaps in monitoring when patients aren't present in hospital or at the clinic.

Heart Rate
Heart rate
Heart Rate
Oxygen levels
Heart Rate
Heart Rate
Peak flow
Heart Rate
Heart Rate
Heart Rate
Blood glucose
Heart Rate
Heart Rate
Pain levels
Blood Pressure
Blood pressure
+ Plus many more


We’re FHIR/HL7 compliant, which enables integration with a wide variety of electronic patient record systems. Our team of software developers and clinicians work with you to build data integrations that perfectly match your needs.

This shows you a complete patient picture, with information at your fingertips to make the best clinical choices and streamline your workflow with everything in one place.

Read more about Interoperability >
Clinician Dashboard Clinitouch

Messaging & Video Calling

Communicate easily and quickly, whether that’s to check-in with a ‘virtual visit’ or provide early intervention treatment to support your patients and stay connected to their clinical team outside of the hospital walls.

Clinitouch Messaging and Video Calling

Fully Configurable

You're in charge of what content your patients will see, because you know them best.

You can dictate the type and frequency of question sets for patients to answer; the devices and clinical observations required for vital signs monitoring, and the educational content patients can view to help self-manage their condition.
Clinician Dashboard Clinitouch

Patient Educational Content

Our evidence shows that patients feel more confident to self manage their conditions while using Clinitouch.

The app allows you to provide educational content to self-empower and support people to increase understanding of their health condition.

Educational Content
Reduction in unscheduled COPD hospital admissions
Bed days saved when using Clinitouch for a COVID virtual ward
Of patients felt more confident to self-manage
Recommendation percentage using the NHS Friends and Family test
Ghosh, S. et al. (2016)
Swift, J. et al (2022)
Ghosh S, O’Kelly N, Roberts EJ et al. (2016)
Service evaluation for COPD and Heart Failure patients using Clinitouch in Leicestershire (Apr – Nov 2020)

We’re proud to have published evidence that shows Clinitouch improves patient and clinical outcomes.

Step-by-step support from our expert team to help set you up for success
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