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Remote Patient Monitoring

Keeping people connected to their clinical team from anywhere with remote patient monitoring

Our simple, clinician-built platform helps to shift care safely from busy hospitals, to the right time and place for the patient.
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Clinitouch Platform Remote Patient Monitoring
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Absolute savings per patient when using Clinitouch remote monitoring
Reduction in unscheduled COPD hospital admissions
Recommendation percentage using the NHS Friends and Family test
Ghosh, S. et al. (2018)
Ghosh, S. et al. (2016)
Service evaluation for COPD and Heart Failure patients using Clinitouch in Leicestershire (Apr – Nov 2020)

Spot deterioration sooner to help keep patients out of hospital

Remote monitoring places information on patient health at clinicians' fingertips, enabling you to act sooner if someone is showing signs of deteriorating.

Combining vital signs monitoring with patient questionnaires, the Clinitouch app provides all the clinical data you need in one place, with a prioritised dashboard to help clinical teams to manage caseloads more effectively.

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"An optimisation of medical management. Absolutely, there's no doubt about it"

Leicestershire Partnership NHS Trust has utilised Clinitouch since 2012, but what impact has this had on the NHS? Here, Professor Sudip Ghosh, Consultant Physician and Deputy Medical Director, explores the three main benefits of using remote monitoring to support patient care.

Clinitouch can be used to effectively monitor patients across multiple conditions.

Ageing populations and increased prevalence of long-term conditions all contribute to strain on clinical resources to meet demand.

Clinitouch remote patient monitoring can be used as a triage tool to highlight which patients are in most need of urgent care, versus those who are stable.

This helps healthcare workers to manage caseloads and resources more efficiently. What's more, collecting data on patients over time helps teams make better-informed clinical decisions.

Our simple, clinician-built platform makes it easy to monitor across any health condition - plus we'll guide you every step of the way when building a pathway.
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