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Global Projects

Transforming how care is delivered globally.

After decades of experience building transformative health programmes in the UK’s National Health Service, we’re now focused on using our technology to help address healthcare challenges worldwide .
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Trade Mission To South Africa

Our CEO Chris and commercial director Bruce were proud to be invited on a UK government trade mission to Johannesburg, including a visit to the Africa Health conference and a clinic in a local township in Alexandria.

South Africa has some unique health challenges; including large inequalities in healthcare access, and populations living in rural areas where the nearest clinic may be 200 miles away. 

We had some insightful conversations with our friends and colleagues in the South African healthcare system on how these problems could be tackled using technology, with some great ideas being formed on future potential initiatives.

As part of the initiative, we spearheaded a project team from multiple organisations including air quality expert EarthSense, not-for-profit technology network Satellite Applications Catapult; and Arden & GEM Commissioning Support Unit from the UK’s NHS.

The development of the technology means people living with COPD can be given vital information on air quality and pollutants in their area, letting them know when it is safe to exercise outdoors and lowering the risk of environmentally-induced exacerbations.

European Space Agency Work

We are proud to have worked on a flagship programme backed by the European Space Agency to provide accurate, location-based satellite air quality data to help people with respiratory diseases better manage their condition.

"As part of our 5 year plan, we have a nonprofit goal to deploy our Clinitouch technology into a low-to-middle income country at no cost at the point of use, by the end of the financial year 2025-26."

"We’re very keen to speak to nonprofits, government departments, financial backers or NGOs on how we can make this objective a reality - if you’re interested in knowing more, please get in touch."

Chris Barker
Chris Barker
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