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How We Work

Evaluating your real needs to give you remote patient monitoring that delivers results

Our goal is to produce the best outcomes for all when implementing remote patient monitoring. This is why we keep it simple, collaborative, and transparent when we work together.
Clinitouch Platform Remote Patient Monitoring
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Our team is a mixture of clinicians and wider healthcare professionals, so we know what life is like ‘on the ground’.

This is why before anything, we sit down together to talk through your current clinical pathways and pinpoint how digital can improve them.

Our philosophy is to implement change not technology. For us, the adoption of everything we do is what counts - which is why we keep things straightforward and easy to execute. 

From initial needs analysis, walking you through creating your patient monitoring program, to training, regular success reviews and a full evaluation service, we’re proud to offer first-class support throughout.

The principles we live by

Healthcare First

For us, technology is only part of the puzzle. Healthcare has and always will be about people. Tech will never fully replace that, but rather unlock choices in how to deliver the best real-world care for fantastic outcomes.


That’s not just in our tech and solutions, but embedded in our approach to everything. We know that this straightforward way of working is how to get things done quickly and with the minimum of fuss.


We believe that through transparency and shared learnings we can tackle root causes more effectively. We're not precious about being right or wrong - and are totally open about genuine health outcomes driven from our work.


We do everything collaboratively, because an end-to-end solution doesn’t necessarily mean a straight path - and we know our partners know their patients best.

As a healthcare company first and foremost, we take pride in delivering outcomes and change, not just technology.
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 Nicola Haywood-Alexander Group CIO Lincolnshire NHS

"We chose Clinitouch due to its proven success in delivering digital programmes for the exact cohorts of patients that we had identified as a priority. The platform helps us to prevent readmission by the early identification of deterioration, whilst maximising clinic time and resources."

Nicola Haywood-Alexander Group CIO Lincolnshire NHS

Step-by-step support to help set you up for sustainable success
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