Improving care access and affordability in Namibia

Patients in Namibia are now using Clinitouch remote monitoring technology to monitor long-term conditions and bring care closer to home. Read more about the project below.

The increased prevalence of long-term conditions such as COPD, hypertension and HIV has highlighted a need for a more proactive approach to care.  

By remotely monitoring patients, healthcare teams can intervene earlier to minimise the risk of emergency care being required.  

Many the Namibian population don’t have easy access to healthcare. By using Clinitouch, they can access the care they need, without needing to visit clinics or hospitals. For those using private insurance, this also means fewer claims.

The Challenge

Chronic illness is on the rise in Namibia, and without proper management, it can lead to unnecessary and costly hospital admissions.

What does this project look like?

There are many components that make up a project, such as identifying the appropriate patient cohort, or making sure that you're monitoring the correct vital signs. Read more below about the foundations of this project.

The Objectives

What this project aims to do

  • Reduce frequency of hospital admissions for patients with chronic conditions and therefore decrease healthcare-related costs & insurance claims
  • Improve patients’ health outcomes and their quality of life
  • Proactively manage patients’ condition to avoid deterioration
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Future Scope

What are the future plans for this project?

While this project initially focuses on a variety of long-term conditions, it will also explore digital health pathways for asthma, post-operative monitoring and infections that can be managed within primary healthcare.

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